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330 S. Interstate Drive
Sikeston, MO 63801

I-55, Exit 67

(Halfway between St. Louis and Memphis) 

Richard Ash

Vice President/GM

                Ask anyone at the truck stop what they know about Volvo trucks, and you’ll get the same enthusiastic answers:

Very quiet.  Great ride.  Lots of comfort.

Welcome to a Volvo.


What’s the best way to conquer a challenging worksite?  Drive a Volvo VHD.  Thanks to its set-back axle and up to 50-degree wheel cut, the VHD has a turning radius that’s one of the tightest in the industry.  An exclusive Volvo T-Ride suspension gives trunion-mounted springs and rubber towers for excellent traction in the worst conditions.  And with Volvo’s responsive steering, you’ve got a truck that handles beautifully whether you’re driving in heavy traffic, heavy snow, or deep mud.  Ready for maneuverability that makes a difference?  Talk to one of our salesmen about a VHD today.


Ready for a truck that’s easier to handle, faster to service, and safer to drive?  Then come test drive a Volvo VN.  Whether you’re pulling a trailer, flatbed, or tanker, you won’t have to worry about maneuvering through crowded spaces.  Like the VHD, the VN series boasts 50-degree wheel cut, set-back axle, and Volvo’s trademark responsive steering.  These features will help you glide through cramped loading situations with ease.



Don’t tell anybody, but your job just got easier.  Because in addition to its exceptional ride and luxurious cab, the VNL Daycab is the most maneuverable truck in its class.  This design  offers great visibility, so you always feel in control.  Its High-Strength Steel cab is welded rather than riveted for maximum rigidity and greater protection.  And you’ll enjoy a low drag coefficient with the heavily sloped hood and wedge-shaped headlights.  It even has minimized gap between cab and trailer for decreased air turbulence and drag.  So when it’s time to stop at then end of the day, you’ll feel like you’re just getting started.




Want a truck that can drive your business forward?  You can’t do better than the Volvo VN 630.  Regardless of what you’re hauling or where you’re headed, it’ll help you arrive on time and under budget.  Thanks to a spacious cab and mid-height roof, the VN 630 has plenty of room for both stand-up and sit-down comfort.  And it’s a dream to drive, whether you’re on the highway or watching for curbs.  Its sleek shape isn’t just to turn heads:  it’s part of a strategy to reduces wind resistancy from the front bumper to the back mudflaps.  All these features add up to a wise choice for a wide variety of weight-conscious bulk and specialty applications.



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